Everybody Has Spirit Guides

I can help you connect with yours.

I have the honor of bringing comfort to many, through heartfelt messages and guidance

My down to earth approach provides assistance to people who want to live their lives guided by love, healing, and integrity.  


Together, we can connect with your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit Realms. 


I have seen people's life journeys unfold with more ease and peace when they feel the support of their guides.  


During readings, we work together to answer some of your questions and receive guidance. This is for both in the daily workings of your life, and also looking at the bigger picture of your soul life.

Often, energetic patterns and misbeliefs will show themselves. 

I, along with your guides, will support you in how to move forward.  


Nicole Parish

I am here to usher you through healing, whether it is letting go of misbeliefs, old family patterns, gaining insights, or restoring your alignment with your life mission.  


I’m thrilled to help you live your life from your more integrated, vibrant, and loving place.



Receive guidance and understanding about significant aspects of your life.



For those seeking in-person attention, group dynamics, or virtual long distance sessions, Nicole offers many options for your specific needs. Say "Yes" for yourself.



Nicole offers many in-person and virtual events, all designed to enrich your life's experiences and support you on your life's journey.

"All that worrying didn't do me a damn bit of good."

Said by my friend's grandmother on her death bed.


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