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My dad was at the end of his life in hospice.

He was resistant to all kinds of counseling or therapy I’ve tried to give him.  He basically has never opened up.  After receiving a session with Nicole he’s completely changed.  During the reading many family members came through.  They helped him understand certain things in his life, supported him in letting go of fears, and emphasized that his life has value.  And My dad has experienced huge closure.  He worked through a lot!

He says that was the most fruitful day of his life.  Seventy-six years of holding back and now, finally letting go.  It is just priceless.


I had a profound experience with Nicole, and cannot recommend this special human more. I am known to be logical and fairly pragmatic with my background as a researcher, but have always been spiritual. I admit I was skeptical, as I know there are people out there with varying degrees of proficiency and ability to connect with this realm, and many who might not be walking the walk. Once we dropped in, Nicole was able to speak to everything I was feeling, with immaculate accuracy and detail. She uncovered insights around things I have been feeling for years, and helped release energy where I had been blocked for so long! I cried in relief, and still feel so much lighter. She is such a gift, and very respectful to your being while doing this sensitive work. I have a hard time believing there are many mediums out there of her caliber. If there is a part of you that's curious about this work, I recommend leaning in with her.


I have had the extreme pleasure to work with Nicole Parish as she gave a group reading for our small business.  She held beautiful space for each of us to have our own experiences. During the session. She had us do a significant exercise which helped us see that we all have unique and powerful energy and are valuable to the group.  Her words to me felt extremely impactful and I think of them often.

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My session with Nicole provided far more reward than I could have even anticipated.  The teachings (in the form of meditation practices)  provided by my spirit guides helped me to break through some personal barriers and struggles, aiding me in giving myself that which I know I needed but couldn't quiet figure out how, even with therapy.  I didn't really know what to expect but was blown away with what I received from my session and how positively it's impacted my well being and outlook on life.  I can't trust and praise her enough for sharing her gifts with me.

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