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Client Agreement

Client Agreement

Before purchasing a reading or event with Nicole Parish, know that Your registration and/or purchase acts as your contractual agreement with the following:


1. Cancellation Policy. There are no refunds, partial refunds, or exchanges when a person cancels less than 48 hours beforehand for a session or event. This includes missed or canceled appointments or events, or for any other reason.  If the cancellation is more than 48 hours beforehand, that person will get a credit for a future reading or event.


2. Nicole’s work is spiritual. It is NOT a substitute for medical, legal, financial or other specific professional advice. If you need assistance, please contact the appropriate professional.


3. Please schedule mindfully; slots are limited and fill quickly. If you must reschedule a Reading or an event, contact Nicole AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your appointment, and you will be booked for the next possible slot. Please note: the wait to reschedule may be several weeks.


4. If you are looking to connect with one specific individual in the spirit world, I cannot guarantee that they will come through in a reading. As a medium, I cannot “call people” to come and talk. To understand this better, think of the process of mediumship like two telephones. The telephone in the spirit world has a dial, and the telephone here in the physical world is only a receiver, without any dial. I can only receive the communication that the spirit world is willing to send at that given time. No medium can make that guarantee, and be aware of those that say otherwise.


5. All offerings and pricings subject to change at any time


Nicole’s readings come from the spirit of personal enlightenment. To some recipients, they also provide entertainment and certainly, enjoyment. Every beneficiary of a reading has free will to choose as they see fit for their own life. Individuals are responsible for their interpretation of the reading as well as how or if they incorporate it into their own life via thought, word and deed.

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