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Readings with Nicole

I have a passion for empowering people so they can live their best life. Psychic readings can help point a person in the right direction when they cannot see it clearly for themselves or they need confirmation or courage. In the session, people can receive guidance and understanding around:



*Healing misbeliefs 

*Shifting patterns 



*Family dynamics

*Loving connection with a relative

*Grief and loss

*Cord cutting

*Connecting with Source

*Releasing an attachment 

*Receiving messages from Benevolent Beings

*Energetic hygiene (cleansing your energetic fields)

*Supporting children and adults who are empaths and/or experiencing supernatural phenomenon 

*And more!


Some people want to simply experience a reading and see what arises.  While others have specific questions. Both ways can be beneficial. If you do have questions, please have your questions prepared. You'll get the most out of your time by clearly stating what it is you wish to know about. 

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